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Welcome to Kokoo Mindfulness – For the Issues In Your Tissues.


Enhancing Mental Health and Wellbeing through the Wisdom of Cocoa

Kokoo Mindfulness offers a transformative journey that combines the sacred art of storytelling and the ancient wisdom of cocoa with mindfulness practices deeply rooted in Ghanaian heritage. Our culturally rich initiative, “Kokoo Mindfulness – For the issues in your tissues,” is designed to empower individuals and teams on a journey of holistic wellbeing.

Experience Our Three Interconnected Sessions:


AHOME (Mindful Breathing)

Learn the art of mindful breathing, a practice that fosters inner serenity and mental clarity.


ATWETWE (Gentle Self-Massage)

 Discover the healing power of self-massage to relieve stress and tension, nurturing your body and mind.


ADIDI (Mindful Eating)

Embrace the cultural significance of cocoa through mindful eating, connecting with the essence of this ancient wisdom.

Benefits of Kokoo Mindfulness Workshops

– Cultural Significance: We honor the rich cultural heritage of cocoa, infusing it into mindfulness practices to create a unique and emotionally resonant experience.

– Wellbeing and Mindfulness: Our meticulously designed sessions promote mental health, wellbeing, and resilience, enabling you to find serenity amidst life’s chaos.

– Positive Impact: By the power of reciprocity, you not only invest in your team’s wellbeing but also contribute to supporting children in cocoa growing communities. Our “Buy One, Give One” approach introduces cocoa processing into the learning of children in these communities, creating lasting positive impact.

Why Choose Kokoo Mindfulness?

When you join us on this journey, you:

– Elevate your own wellbeing through mindfulness.
– Empower your team to thrive in both work and life.
– Make a difference by giving back to support children in cocoa growing communities.

Engage with Kokoo Mindfulness and embark on a wellbeing journey like no other. It’s more than just a session; it’s a commitment to holistic wellbeing and community support. Your wellbeing gives back to support the wellbeing of others.

Session has helped so much I’m reminded to be more mindful as I move through life. Keisha-iRoko Storytellers

I really enjoyed mindful breathing and how it took me away to a palace of understanding the chocolate story. 

D – parent of participant iRoko Storytellers

 I’ve just realized I’ve never eaten chocolate the right way and doing so today I’ve realised; it tastes much better. 

D-iRoko Storytellers

I grew up not knowing where chocolate came from. Now, I feel obliged to know the story of whatever food I put in my mouth. 

S- iRoko Storytellers

 I would recommend this Kokoo and learning history it gave me a deep sense of appreciation

Beatrice-Holistic Wellness Women’s Group

 I have started my journey and new routine today.

Carolyn-Holistic Wellness Women’s Group

Reflexology was good learning for me and I’ll start making it a part of my daily routine

Abi -Holistic Wellness Women’s Group

The session got me thinking deeply

Shade-Holistic Wellness Women’s Group

I feel relaxed and more knowledgeable about chocolate

Kade -Holistic Wellness Women’s Group

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